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GW (03/22/2019)

I am truly happy for those patients who have had success with Dr. Eid. It is clear to me that he is very bright and a talented surgeon but my experience with two other Urologists was very poor and was costly in both dollars and extreme pain. Now, I do have E.D. and need a scrotoplasty, but fear any further damage to my personal region, because it is mine and from my two experiences,I worry that today's physicians have lost sight of the Hippocratic Oath. I am a 100% disabled service connected veteran and will live with my wife, in peace and harmony without the intimacy we all enjoy.

AK (07/27/2018)

40 years old type 1 diabetic control has been difficult. ED is here marriage is shaky with ED. Something need to change fast before all is lost.

ABeiveKari (08/22/2017)

First things first, you need to set a set target date because you will completely quit, for example 2-3 weeks from now. Thus, in the event the muscles within the penile area are relaxed, more blood will go into the penis and a harder erection will occur.

Carl (12/20/2016)

Can't use Viagra or Caliis.Have used pump and inks. But, not having much luck. 68 yrs. and can' t believe how well and natural the implants look and ease of use.

Peter (10/06/2016)

First of all a very very message to anybody with ED. NOBODY should wait until all is gone completely. I bit of lie to the Dr. is better then waiting for a better time. It's just not worth it. Lets have fun and get one of this penis implants !!! ED comes and don't go away. All you do is waiting waiting waiting but your penis will never be ready any longer at all soon. It could stretch for years and it is not going to be better only worse. Forget sialis or the blue pill don't do no injection there way to expensive and pain and bleeding etc. Forget massage or power stimulation or anything else. Go for the pro and lets get it over with and trust me, you don't want be sorry for getting the pump. This is sooooo good. At first and for a year or longer even now three years later, for some reason I even get some erection without pumping while before no more at all. Now I have a erection all day and all night if I want to and I do want to. It takes time before you get used to that as it could cause pain and you need to release but you get used to it and eventually the penis has o more pain while the penis has stretched a bit to it. If you release you might feel some pain after a longer time inflated but it will go away within minutes and you can start again if you like. There is no better feeling then having an erection and that long as you wish no more seconds for sex anymore and your wife GF will be happy as well. My wife still don't know I got a pump. All you need is a very good surgeon who take good care of you is the most important step. Somebody who has done a million or so before like this Doc here. Then go ahead and tell him you tried it all before and nothing does help including this vacuum pump. You tell him it started around 2- or thirty years ago or what ever and got slow or fast ED. Your penis don't get up anymore an if, he will go down right away and your no longer able to slight into a vagina or butt if that is what you like.I always tell everybody I never do that as I don't like to get aids as nearly all aids comes from anal sex.of you don't believe me, don't take my word for it and read it by your self on the net all came from specialist from around the world and show you where, who, race etc. all and why, man and women all. So that is enough for now and I hope I was a great help to anybody who is not sure when and what to do. DON't WORRY ! JUST DO IT !!! and good luck to you from now on all the way till you don't want no more around when you 90 or so?

TehmurasniaTehmurasp. F. Besania. (05/27/2016)

Suffering from ED problem since last two years. Tried with oral medicines. Also I am diabetic patient since last 20 years insulin dependent 4 times a day. I am 60 year old pl, suggest.

D. Bailey (04/12/2013)

I thank God every day that I found your website Dr. Eid. I struggled with erectile dysfunction for many years even before I was diagnosed with prostate cancer and, in what seems like the blink of an eye, my erectile dysfunction is now a thing of the past.

R. Adams (04/12/2013)

Thank you for your professionalism, expertise, and courtesy. My life has an added dimension, now that I have an implant.

R. Chamonix, France (04/12/2013)

Life is great in the Alps and I thank you for your considerable contribution! My wife thanks you too!

S.B., New York (04/12/2013)

I just want to thank you with all my heart for giving me a chance of life. I am so happy right now because I'm engaged to a lovely woman and have a 2-year-old son. I literally couldn't have achieved this without your help. Thank you again and God bless you.

J.B. (04/12/2013)

Your surgical skills and knowledge have allowed me to enjoy a much higher quality of life than I ever expected after my prostatectomy. Thank you for being my urologist.

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