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Erectile dysfunction (ED) can affect men of all ages and can be caused by a wide range of physical and emotional conditions. If you consistently experience erection problems and sexual potency issues, the counsel of an expert urologist specializing in sexual dysfunction can help restore enjoyable sex for you and your partner.

During your telemedicine video session we will confidentially discuss your erectile dysfunction symptoms. By reviewing your medical standing, the onset and frequently of your erectile dysfunction (ED) symptoms, and any ED treatments you have already explored, I can provide targeted erectile dysfunction treatment recommendations. For men in the early stages of erectile dysfunction, treatments such as oral ED medication or penile injection therapy can be very effective.

If you are considering penile implant surgery I will provide an accurate description of the procedure and give you a frank understanding of what to expect during recovery. If you choose to have penile implant surgery it is of utmost importance to select a surgeon with a large volume of procedure experience and infection-free patient recovery results. Many of my patients are men with unsatisfactory results from penile implant surgery with another surgeon. My expertise includes penile implant repair surgery and penile implant revisions, particularly in patients who experienced post-op infections. I also perform more large and very large penile implants than any other urologist in world, using custom-sized implants up to 28 cm.

I routinely welcome men from around the world to my New York penile implant practice and my staff is highly experience in assisting with travel and accommodation needs. Most men are able to have penile implant surgery on an outpatient basis and return to their home state or country within a day or two of the procedure. These online sessions provide the perfect forum for pre-operative review of your condition and post-operative follow up. Online sessions can be conducted on an individual basis or you may include your partner in the discussion.

If you currently have a penile implant from another surgeon but would like guidance on post-operative recovery and usage, feel free to schedule an online consultation with me.

Learn more about my No Touch Technique for penile implant surgery.